Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tito Ortiz: talks a potential Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg Santos superfight.

"Working with Cyborg is challenging. The girl wants to fight, of course, but it's just a question with her getting down to 145lbs, She really feels it's impossible. She walks around 160, 165, and to make 145 for all the years she's done it, she's like, ‘Tito, it really takes the last energy just for me to make 145. Now they want me to cut down to 135?

It's going to be really, really, almost impossible.' I battle back and forth with her, telling her how the UFC is going to take care of her, this and that. We're still just ... we're at the end of the rope, I think. I'm not sure if she wants to do it. Me and my partner, George Prajin, we just sit there and we just try to talk to her over and over again."

"Will she make 135? As a person who has cut weight for 22 years: no, I don't think it's going to happen. It's hard for women to cut that much weight. For a woman to be three-percent body fat, it's not healthy. She talks about that she wants to have kids some day. Things like that can damage her [in that regard], and a lot of people don't understand that. This is not a man we're talking about. This is a woman we're talking about. For Ronda to cut down the weight, yeah, she had a lot of extra weight on her."

"Cyborg  doesn't have much on her. She used to walk around at 170 and she lost some muscle mass just to try to see if she can get lower in this weight to do it. So far, so good. Like I said, she's 160, 165. She bounces back around there. She says she stopped lifting weights the way she does and really just [been] focusing on her jiu-jitsu. She's been training, putting in the time.
"I hope I can put this fight together, man. I'm trying my hardest. I hope Dana White understands. I hope Dana is listening to this and understands. I'm trying to get this thing together."

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