Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rampage: Jimi Manuwa almost knocked me out

Rampage Jackson has highlighted the threat of Jimi Manuwa to the UFC light-heavyweight division, after the two trained togeather for Jackson's fight against Glover Teixeira UFC on FOX 6.he said he feels sorry for anybody who has to fight the Brit - including next opponent Cyrille Diabate.he said:  “It got kind of heated in there. One time we were sparring, I looked round and all my coaches were kicking back with popcorn. He’s tough, he’s a great sparring partner, I feel bad for anyone who fights this guy. He punches hard, he’s got some of the hardest kicks I’ve ever felt – he’s tough. Jimi can knock out anyone he wants. He has excellent striking and he actually backs me up, not many people do that. So if he can do that to me – and I don’t mind getting punched – he can knock anybody out. He almost knocked me out a few times!”
“Both guys are strikers, if I was Jimi I would use an all-round game, maybe look to take him down once or twice just to nullify his striking. And then work from there. But Jimi doesn’t need to do that. Use those leg kicks, and then use those hands. His all-round striking game is on point. I’m very impressed with his striking.”

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