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MMABLOGSPOT exclusive interview with Felice 'Lil Bulldog' Herrig

I want to start off by thanking Felice for doing this interview,for the people at home who don't know Felice "Lil' Bulldog" Herrig she is one of the hardest working female fighters to date, coming from a kick boxing background ranked 2nd in the world with a record of 23-5  she also won the International Kickboxing Federation Pro Muay Thai United States Bantamweight Title. Then in 2009 she made her transition to mma.
Herrig was first seen on screens across the world on female fight show "Fight Girls" back in 2007, since then has been seen fighting under banners such as XFO,XFC and Bellator.

How was your christmas?
Christmas was great!

How did you spend it? did Santa bring you anything nice?
I got to spend time with my family which I love. Baked cookies, watched movies and just had a great time:) Santa was good to me and got me lots of Marvel Comic swag for me to decorate my house with! Best thing about this Christmas was that for the first time I was able to buy presents for everyone in my family! Im so grateful and appreciative for everything right now, I'm feel very fortunate!

December 14th you was supposed to fight Michele Gutierrez,unfortunately December 1st she dropped out and we saw Patricia Vidonic step in ! was you disappointed?
Actually I was torn but for the most part I was glad because I really had nothing to gain from fighting Michele again anyway. Patricia was still in the top ten and coming off of a great win so under the circumstances this was a better fight for me.

We read on your Twitter you thought Gutierrez injury was fake, you wanna add to those accusations?
I Didn't "think" anything I knew. We heard from many people close to her camp that she was gonna bail on the fight and then when those DM's came out it was sealed. I mean come on now, look at the facts... None of her teammates even came to her defense saying she was really injured let alone that the DM's were fake?? even the guys she was DM'ing said nothing. I knew she would find a way out of the fight and she did it just like I said, almost like clockwork. Other than that I am done with Michele and she is not worth anymore of my time.

How did it feel to beat Patricia for the 2nd time in less than 6months?
It felt good of course. I feel like i got to let my striking go more than i did the first time and Im happy with it.

Not only are you known for being a sex symbol, you are known for #KeepingitReal, with your opinions! so what is your take on Bec "Rowdy" Hyatt?
I don't really know much about Bec. All I know is she has kinda called me out on my FB page a few times and for that I kinda got a little irritated but then I have seen some interviews of her and she just seems like she loves fighting and wants to fight everyone so I guess I cant be upset about that! Im really glad she stepped up for Carla when others didn't.

we saw you took to your fan page saying you would put $1million on Carla Esparza beating Bec Hyatt, do you still stand to that?
Haha well if I had a million dollars for sure! Carla is my girl and I'll be in her corner. I know Carla is one of the best in this division and it will take a lot to beat her but like i said before, everyone has a punchers chance;)

Would you like to fight the victor of that one?
So your asking me if I'd like to fight Carla then hahaha... Kidding. I am such good friends with Carla now that I would not be looking to fight her again, at least not in the near future. If it comes down to Carla being number 1 and me being number 2 then we maybe talk about it but there are so many women in this division to fight that would so I just don't think it would come to it. As for Bec sure I would fight her no problem.

We saw fighters Only put you in there top 20 female fighters, we have seen womens mma take off immensely in the last 2 years! If you had any advice for any upcoming female fighters what would it be?
I would say stay true to yourself and keep busting you butt in the gym! The level of competition is growing and we are all paving the way right now!

What is your take on Ronda Rousey being first female UFC fighter/champ?
I think its great that the UFC has finally started a womens division but I think it may be being built a little to much around 1 fighter. I honestly think that the 115lbs division is the deepest out of all women and it could easily warrant a division in the UFC as well. Invicta has 5 high level bouts in this division on the next card so I am so excited to see it grow!

Have you heard when you are fighting again?
I think sometime in March is what my manager is saying.

What is next for "Lil Bulldog"?
Training and getting my game more rounded! I have spent so much time focusing on BJJ and wrestling and ALL the aspects of MMA that now I feel lie I can focus a bit more on my roots which is striking. Im going to focus on my power now and start trying to finish girls.

Is there anyone out there you would like to thank? anything you wanna say to your fans?
As always I want to thank my team, Team Curran and my coach Jeff Curran, my thai coach Ian Alexander, My management SuckerPunch Entertainment and manager Brian Butler, and of course my sponsors who give me the resources I need to be a full time fighter: Alienware, Allmax, Battleware,, SoldierFit, Bad Boys Bail Bond of Indiana and FighterWarehouse

We wish you all the best for 2013 and the future!
One last question how did you spend New Years?
Partying with my Teammates of course!!! TEAM CURRAN

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