Monday, 7 January 2013

Dan Henderson fight with Chael Sonnen is ‘quite possible'

Henderson explained the situation in a recent interview with Brazilian news outlet TATAME:

"I think Chael is able to surprise, he's the kind of guy who does not mind being the underdog. He has nothing to lose and it surprised many that fight against Anderson. Also, I think Jones is feeling somewhat depressed, eventually injuring the fight against Belfort when nobody expected what was possible, "he said, reaffirming that will be in Sonnen's corner on the day of the duel:" I'll be in his corner. The Chael wants me to be so I'll be there. "

"Yes ... We're friends, but above all we fight now in the same category and therefore have the same goal, we compete at the same belt. So we both know it and we respect very much. Our friendship is more than a title and we are professional enough to let the rivalry just inside the Octagon. It would be a different situation, but our profession in this type of situation is quite possible to happen. "

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