Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shannon Knapp: "Real MMA fans can't be gender biased"

Knapp said in a recent telephone interview. : "The UFC is only going with one division. We've got an entire roster of fighters in five weight classes. Even with the one division where we overlap, I mean, look at it like this: look where Liz was in her career a year ago. She lost to Coenen and Kaufman back-to-back. Then she came here, she looked good in winning her fights, and she started to assert herself and market herself. I'm not going to take the credit for it because it's all on Liz, but she had the opportunity here and she took it. That's the sort of thing we can still help with."

"If you're truly a fan of mixed martial arts, you can't be gender biased,!",  "If  MMA is about fighters competing in actual weight divisions and having competitive fights, that's what we have. If you don't like that, you're not a true fan of the sport. You can't be gender biased and be a true fan."

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