Monday, 24 December 2012

Brad Pickett looking for a interim title shot

Brad Pickett gives mmafighting  .com his take on the Wineland Bout:

“I’m seeing a lot of people want me on the main card, but UFC may want us on the prelims because they know it’s going to be an exciting fight. It can be a case like the Korean Zombie vs. Leonard Garcia, where they want an exciting fight on TV to get people to want to pay for the pay-per-view. A boring fight last on the prelims may affect pay-per-view buys. Basically, this fight now could cap off a great year for me and pave the way for my new year. If I win, next year looks completely different than if I lose. If I win, I’d like to do a fight against the winner of (Michael) McDonald vs. (Renan) Barao.”

“I’ve been in this position a couple of times before, or thereabouts, and before I was thinking it would be a case where Barao would wait for (champion Dominick) Cruz. But now Cruz will be out for a long time. It does leave it wide open for me and Wineland. It makes sense. I don’t like to look into it too much. With Barao vs. McDonald in London [where Pickett is from], I can watch the fight and do some P.R. But that’s looking past Wineland which I never want to do. He’s a tough opponent. I have to make sure I win and good things will happen. I’m excited, but I don’t put pressure on myself, I’m used to it. I’d like to enjoy this. I’d like to perform the best I can. If I perform my best and lose, then I lost to a better guy. Rather than put so much pressure on winning, I want to put on a good show. Some people are in different career positions where they’ll lose their job if they lose. If I lose, I’m not going to be out of a job, with my fighting style.”

“We’re similar, but we have different styles. But we’re similar in mentality. We both like to stand. We’re both tough, but well-rounded. We both have submissions and takedowns, but we still both like to stand. He’s more of a counter puncher. I look to come out for war. He’s throws straight punches. I throw hooks. It’s a case of whose style will come out on that night.”


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