Sunday, 23 December 2012

Alan Belcher: "I think I have to make a statement"

Speaking via the Bleacher Report, Alan Belcher said:

"I think it's huge for me and I have to make a statement,"
"I have to prove that I deserve a big fight against one of the big-name guys—which I already have and I need to stay there. If I really want 2013 to be my run at the title, this is a great way to kick it off. "I'm just looking for the "W" more than anything else, but I think my drive and my abilities right now are going to make it a very strong statement. If it's not a real clean win for me, it's just because Yushin Okami is a very good fighter. It could very well be a really hard win for me, but I'll do what it takes to get the "W" and I feel pretty confident about it.

 "The only thing that has really held me back is my long lay-off. Then when I made my return, I took a long time between fights. After this last fight I had a broken hand and that injury kept me out for awhile. "It's just been my long time in between fights. Why would they give somebody a chance to fight Anderson Silva who the fans don't really know, and that could go in there and take the belt from him? I have to prove that I'm able to fight more often and I have to let more fans know who I am. I have an underground fan base but that's about it."

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