Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Masvidal: I only get paid when I fight

Strikeforce fighter Jorge Masvidal has only fought once in 2012, earning $45,000 for a split decision win over Justin Wilcox. Back out taxes and expenses, and it is not the big payday it appears at first glance.
Masvidal didn't make the September show, and was scheduled to fight on the now cancelled November show. Now he waits, unsure of the future.

“It sucks, especially just financially, cause training costs money," said Masvidal on MMA Weekly Radio. "When I fight that’s the only time I get paid. I’ll do a private lesson or seminar here or there, but that’s not my actual money. My money comes from fighting."
“That’s the only thing that’s not cool. I wish they’d tell us, hey listen, this show got cancelled, you’re going to be on the January card, you’re going to be on the April card, something like that. That’s the only thing that gets me going."

“I’m only going to be 27 once in my life and I only fought once during that whole time, feels like a big wasted year. Not just for the money, but for the actual competing purposes. I could have fought four or five times, yet I sat out and fought one time.”
“I heard that we would be compensated; I don’t know what the figures were. I haven’t been yet. I’m not saying we’re not because the fight would have just happened last weekend, so maybe they’re going to take care of us now, but I don’t know anything about it."

“I could possibly take a fight Dec. 31 in Japan, but I don’t know if I can because if I’m fighting in January, obviously I won’t be able to do that fight. They need to let me know, don’t worry about nothing, survive till then, okay cool I’ll make it work."
“Just not knowing is the worst. Isn’t that the first sign of war? You cut off communication.”

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