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MMABLOGSPOT exclusive with BAMMA Belle Georgia Graham.

We had the pleasure of catching up with BAMMA Beauty Georgia Graham, for all you guys who don't know the lil Geordie lass let me put you in the loop.
Georgia is better known for her assets in the cage as Head BAMMA Belle, and British Touring car Grid Girl/ model.
'G' first sprung on the scene in Front magazine in 2008 ,and in 2009 became Miss Universe GB finalist.
Voted #20 in Bleacher-Reports  50 hottest ring-girls in History. Not only looks but Georgia also has brains recently passing her gym Instructors exams, and further qualifications to follow.

Alright dude wanna tell the guys at home home you got into the MMA biz?
I was in the right place at the right time! I worked at an event for No Fear Energy drinks and BAMMA picked me up from there, a whole 2 years ago now!

How many times a week do you train mma? And what do you do?
If possible I go to  the gym 4-5 times a week! I do a mix of kickboxing, light sparring, horrible fitness drills and circuits, grappling, bjj plus, I’ve been learning submissions, take downs... Bit of everything!

You recently made a appearance at the Rob Sinclair seminar in Keighley were you impressed with seminar?
Yeah I really enjoyed that afternoon, it was very well organised and great watching others work out seeing their techniques. Everyone appeared to really enjoy the day and it was a very relaxed atmosphere too.

Would you ever fancy your hand in the cage?
No I don’t think I’d ever try and fight at a competitive level, I find sparring with the lads at the gym enough for me!

What was your dream job growing up?
I had many! I used to  want to be a horse (as kids do haha). The dream of being a model was always there though, years of bullying for being the ‘ugly kid’ made me extremely determined to do this and luckily with much hard work, I lived the dream!

Is it true you work on a farm?
Yes, it is! I work on a large Estate doing general maintenance which can vary from grass cutting, log chopping, turf digging, tree planting, fence building, the lot! I’ve done the job on and off part time since I was 18 as my dad is the manager so I’m lucky,I get to work around my modelling career and college.

We know your a bit out doors'y want to tell us your hobbies?
I just like being outside in general really, love going for long walks, horse riding, adventures somewhere and I enjoy target shooting too!

We know you love your motorsport, whats your dream car?
It would have to probably be an Audi R8...One day!!

Is it true you met the real Stig and didn't even know?
I met one of the Stig’s yeah, I had no idea we chatted for awhile, then when he left my colleague let me in on the fact that this mystery man drove as the Stig on Top Gear.

Whats your favourite food?
If isn’t nailed down, I’ll eat it...haha. I love chocolate, cheese and onion crisp sandwiches, bacon sandwiches, Dominoes pizza and cookies...Anything naughty really! However my general diet is very healthy and balanced!

Sweet or Savoury? (Chicken or the Mousse? private joke)
All about sweet so the Mousse would win lol !

Whats your favourite type of movie?
I love anything funny, romantic, adventure/superhero and horrors/thrillers. My favourite movies are the American Pie films, Friends With Benefits, Batman’s, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.

We know you love 'Ink' but how many tattoos do you have?
I have 9 in total, soon to be more!

Do you want more? If so what?
I want more added to my back and I’m debating on a half sleeve!

Whats your favourite saying,word,phrase?
Don’t shit where you eat! As in, don’t mix business and pleasure! I also always go by ‘Follow Your Heart’ which is tattooed on my right hip. I have many silly, ridiculous and rude words/phrases too that people will hear or see me use!

What music does 'G' listen to?
I like quite a mixture really! My car CD playlist goes between Blink 182, Swedish House Mafia, Enrique Iglesias, Fall Out Boy, Drake, The Gaslight Anthem, The Offspring...And so on!

What type of guy you go for?
I’m annoyingly picky! Looks wise I prefer tall dark guys who go to the gym and are well groomed but a good personality with a sense of humour is a must, no use being a pretty boy with no banter! He has to be able to make me laugh, laugh at himself and be spontaneous... and put up with my stupid, sometimes filthy, humour. My favourite celebrity men to look at are David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Ian Somerhalder and Ryan Gosling.

Have you any fighter crushes?
Haha, there are a few nice looking fighters and general nice lads but I wouldn’t go there, work is work!

Have you got any Girl crushes?
Cheryl Cole, she’s beautiful as are The Saturdays and Michelle Keegan has a fantastic figure!

Are you working the UK MMAExpo in July?
I believe I am yes!

We hear your going to California this year! Is it business or pleasure?
Mostly pleasure but it’d be nice to meet some USA contacts out there too! I’ve always wanted to visit California, LA, Vegas so on one of my ‘moments’ I booked it! I’m going alone for a month and will meet various friends there as well as make new ones so I’m very excited!

Have you got your own website?
I do indeed it is: www.georgia-graham.com

Is there anyone you want to thank through your career?
My mam, she has been there from the very start helping me, believing in me, supporting me and managing me for the passed 5years. I also would be absolutely nowhere if it wasn’t from the continued support I get from the public, mma fans, motorsport fans, general nice people who come on Twitter/Facebook, taking their time out to get in touch and support me, it’s massively appreciated. There are also many people in this industry who have really helped me along the way and I am extremely grateful to them for this! I always go by the saying - ‘Be careful who you kick on your way up, they will kick you twice as hard on your way back down’ - Basically, never forget who helped you and always be appreciative!

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