Monday, 11 March 2013

Bisping promises to show his inner Beast)

“I need to get my animal back."  He Told ESPN  I need to go back to being a hard ass rather than a technician. I’m going to do that with Alan Belcher. Make no mistake, round one there will be no gameplan, I’m going in there to destroy him – simple as that. People say I have no knockout power. Believe me, I have. All my first ten fights were knockouts in the first round.

“But I was on pure adrenaline and aggression back then, and in some ways I’ve lost that. I need to get that back. I’ll train obviously, work on my boxing and all the rest of it, but mainly, I just want to be an animal and destroy this guy. A lot of stuff has to change. I want to be world champion and it’s not happening right now. So I’m willing to admit mistakes, I’m willing to admit I’ve allowed people around me to make mistakes, and I need to quit being a pussy and be a man. I need to change.”

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