Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rob 'c4'Sinclair Recovery Blog.

This is the Recovery Blog of Rob 'c4'Sinclair, it explains how he picked up an Achilles injury 2 months out of his title defence against Curt Warburton this is his:


I'm looking at the circuit composed by stapes, now if u don't know who this guy is, he's the guy who gets the number 1 armed forces.... the marines fit, he's a beast.. He's composed a circuit 3 minutes circuit, all out, 3 mins rest , times 3 x through.. So 9 minutes training.. That's all.

But I can see the lil smile on his face, I'm feeling sick, :)

So I'm at matched up with my brother so I already know its gonna be competitive, 1sets done and I hit 190bmp, fuck me.. I'm fucked already.. Then my brothers goes, if its possible he's just as bad as me, then I go on to the next 1, 20 clean n jerks and 2 mins little jumps, as I'm doing it, stapes shouts last 15secs and I've already hit 80 so I go all out, on the 90th , I collapse with 2 secs to go, at first I thought some fucker had kicked my calf muscle.. As I felt my leg I knew it wasn't good, Carl Noon had the same sensation and from wot I talked to him about, my Achilles has, ruptured..

8 fucking weeks out from my 4th title defence against Curt Warburton at BAMMA 12.. FUCKKKK

So i go Burnley hospital, long story short, get fucked off to Blackburn royal hospital.. First thing I notice was morbidly obese people in the waiting room.. Fucking time wasters prob wanting an operation to remove a cheeseburger or a cow pie.. There's no doubt some genuinely ill people.. But a shit load of hypochondriacs. Again long story short, fucked off till Monday morning 8am. By this time it was 8pm sat night.

Monday morning me and Emma fletcher and my lil bro Lewis go there.. See four different doctors in 8 hours who try fucking me off with a cast, they will not operate in a million years.. cost 3k but they wont say  its money, even tho iv paid 50k in my lifetime of working..


If u are ever going to Burnley or Blackburn hospital I won't ever waste my time again at them two hospitals..

So I'm advised to go Preston hospital.. Ad the difference in hospitals is incredible.. In the 3hours I'm there iv got an appointment for foot and ankle doctor for the next day, the next day wen I see dr Mittel and his assistant iv got a scan within an hour, within 3 hours of being in Preston hospital iv got an appointment booked 21/1/13 at 12pm

21/1/13 arrives and arrive with my overnight bag, I don't need it tho, the staff are incredible and I can't thank them enough, I was operated on under general anaesthetic and back home within 6 hours, with a cast on and a appointment to remove the cast 5/2/13 and put a boot on, ls it can be removed and rehabbed on..

Ive now had the cast on a week and my left leg has muscle atrophy and wasting away, I have another boring ass week of Jeremy Kyle and loose woman before I go back, but I am on track I'm n good frame of mind, I'm looking to fight n July back at BAMMA, 1 thing is for sure tho, I was considering retiring recently after seeing some of "Uk 's finest" fighters get UFC  contacts etc. and me and me brother get "overlooked " but after this, after sitting on the sofa for this long.. After missing my fight at Newcastle, my footballing city, I'm more focused than ever. U will see a more explosive rob c4 Sinclair and i will be back with some serious issues to prove, I give thanks to my sponsors, Glenn Slater, Real Nutrition,

Soulmate foods, Bad Boy, perform centre Emma Fletcher my Physio, Predators, Smuggling Duds, Funky Gums, all my family and friends and to BAMMA for being patient with me,.. Ill b back with another number 6 best KO in the wold 2011.
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