Friday, 30 August 2013

White: Bjorn Rebney's a scumbag

Talking about signing Bellator Champion Ben Askren ,Dana White put Bellator's CEO in perspective:

"Bjorn Rebney's a scumbag," White said Wednesday night.
"The guy says, 'Yeah, we're going to let him go. Let's just part ways.' You ain't fucking parting ways with him. He's got a matching right and all that bullshit. This guy is a fucking typical boxing piece of shit Everybody knows the guy is a scumbag.

"We'll see what happens with Ben. First they say they're going to let him go. They're not going to let him go. They'll probably end up suing him too and make him sit out and lose a bunch of money and fuck him in a deal. Bad guys. They're bad guys."

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