Friday, 30 August 2013

UFC purchases 24 acres for $7.8 million in Vegas

As the premiere mixed martial arts league in the world, the UFC has grown about as fast as one of its knockoutsNow seen in nearly 150 countries and heard in 30 languages, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is far from tapping out. To accommodate its continued growth and put its nearly 300 Las Vegas employees under one roof, the company confirmed to FOX5 Wednesday that it has purchased 24 acres of land near I-215 and Jones Blvd. at the cost of $7.8 million.

"What attracted us to the area is the great access to the airport and the venues where we host our Las Vegas based events, as well as the growing number of entrepreneurial businesses developing in the area," said UFC CFO John Mulkey in a statement to FOX5. "I think it's pretty exciting actually anytime you've got a huge organization that's got the name recognition that they have," said Michael Spears, who owns nearby Collision Authority. Spears said becoming neighbors with the UFC is another sign Las Vegas is bouncing back.

"I've seen a lot of construction projects that have been placed on hold that are back underway, so it's exciting to see signs of life," said Spears. Nearby San Francisco-themed Lucky's Lounge feels the same. "Over the last three years we've had a lot of people move out of here. A lot of people have lost their homes, a lot of businesses have moved out of here, but we've definitely seen an upswing," said Lucky's owner Dan Kouretas. It's too early to know when ground will break or the new building's completion date, but for now the purchased desert can serve as a morale boost to others in the area.

"When you get companies that big moving into your area, you have no choice but to be proud and happy for it," said Kouretas.

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