Friday, 17 May 2013

Former UFC fighter Paul Kelly convicted of trafficking heroin

The 28 yr old had been found guilty of heroin trafficking charges in his home town of Liverpool, when pulled over by police as part as a drug crackdown, his car was pulled over where officers discovered 1.5kg of pure heroin

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 West Derby hard man Paul Kelly had denied being a major heroin dealer after an acquaintance of his was picked up with 1.5kg of import purity drugs in the footwell of his car. But after a four day trial jurors returned unanimous guilty verdicts and he was remanded in custody to await sentence. During his trial he claimed he earned £100,000 a year and did not need to deal drugs for money.

But prosecutor David McLachlan said the fighting money had dried up after he left UFC and ended up losing a “journeyman” bout in India. When the verdicts were announced Kelly raged from the dock, shouting: “I’ve got two kids!”, while a man believed to be his dad was thrown out by police after an outburst. Judge Mark Brown told jurors they had made the right decision on the “clearest evidence”. Judge Brown added he considered Kelly “the boss” in the organisation.

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