Friday, 18 January 2013

UFC Roundtable: The Analysts – Part 2 To Air Friday Night On Fuel TV

 FUEL TV is proud to announce the second episode of UFC ROUNDTABLE: THE ANALYSTS –PART 2 on Friday, January 18 (10:00 PM ET). Host Jay Glazer is again joined by Kenny Florian (co-host of UFC TONIGHT), former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans (FUEL TV analyst), UFC light heavyweight number-one contender Chael Sonnen (UFC TONIGHT co-host) and UFC light heavyweight Brian Stann (UFC ON FOX analyst).

Glazer continues his insightful and humorous discussion with the four analysts by focusing on the reaction they got when people found out they were cage fighters, the past UFC legends who influenced them the most, and today’s Octagon stars. The four share their favorite fighters, dream matchups, and argue who deserves the title of greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever.
When discussing the best UFC fighters of the early era of the UFC, Sonnen lists UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture as his favorite: “Randy Couture, not just to watch but as a person. Let’s not forget he started his career at 34 years old and I think that’s very interesting. He also started in the tournament days [with] multiple fights in one night. Not a whole lot of guys from that generation were able to transform and keep up with the new rules, the new systems, the weight classes that were implemented and really make it by today’s standards. He did, and he did it in multiple weight classes.”
“Chuck Liddell was the one who stood out for me and it was more because of his attitude,” says Stann. “Chuck was that guy that if you called him on three hours’ notice and would say yes before he even knew who it was.”
Florian relives moments of watching his all-time favorite fighter of the early UFC era, another UFC Hall-of-Famer, Royce Gracie: “I don’t think there’s anything Royce Gracie can do for me not to be a fan. For me, he was the real life Bruce Lee. He was god to me and probably still is. He is my hero.”
Evans commends current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones for his dominance and explains why Jones is above all his opponents: “The reason why he fights so fearlessly is because he really doesn’t have that much fear. The minute you start having fear is the minute you become like everybody else who competes – afraid to take chances, afraid to pull off those big moves that you did in practice. That hesitation leaves you vulnerable for a counter.”
This is the seventh edition of UFC ROUNDTABLE. The earlier UFC ROUNDTABLE editions looked at UFC Champions, Legends and the top UFC welterweights. Look for FUEL TV to continue to get exclusive, inside access to the most important figures in the UFC through upcoming UFC ROUNDTABLES.

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