Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fitch: Maia a 'monster @ 170lbs',

"It will be an interesting matchup," Fitch told after verbally agreeing to the fight last week. "I haven't created too much of a game plan but I think I'll overwhelm him with everything that I bring to the table.

The bout will likely suffer from a lack of headlines leading up to UFC 156, in large part because the card, as it unofficially stacks up, is loaded. Then again, like the stone-grinding that follows Fitch from fight to fight, a weak spotlight is normal for him. While Maia isn't a particularly powerful draw either, his recent conversion down to welterweight has revitalized the Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard's prospects of fighting for a UFC championship
Maia looks every bit a serious, well-rounded mixed martial arts contender, and Fitch is the perfect guy to test that
"He's really a monster at 170," Fitch said. "I was surprised at how big he was down in Rio [at UFC 153]."

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