Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wanderlei Silva is ashamed of getting knocked out by Chris Leben and he wants a rematch

Photo via ESPN
Photo via ESPN
Knocked out in 27 seconds? For shame.
Wanderlei Silva is feeling it, too, a couple days removed from his stunning knockout loss at the hands of Chris Leben at UFC 132 on July 2 in Las Vegas. He admits as much on his Twitter (via Tatame):
"I cried, I thought a lot of shit, and now I'm ashamed and only think in one thing now: I want a rematch."
Hardly putting up a fight and taking a forced nap in under 30 seconds is hardly precedent for a rematch but are there any folks who wouldn't want to see that match-up again?
Doubtful ... except maybe promotion President Dana White, who thinks it's high time "The Axe Murderer" calls it quits.
Obviously the Brazilian bumrusher isn't ready to do so and wants to climb back inside the cage with a determined fervor to exact some revenge.
by Geno Mrosko

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