Friday, 12 April 2013

GSP "I was over 170 at UFC 158 weigh in."

Yes, strictly speaking, Georges St-Pierre has exceeded the limit of 170 pounds at the weigh before his fight against Nick Diaz. according to Canadian news La Presse Canadienne .

UFC champion revealed that he wasn’t sure, but believed his weight on the scale that day amounted to 170.4 pounds.

"The goal is to be 170 rather than 169, to be as close as possible to the limit while the weight. It is a mental thing, " said St-Pierre.

"They came to us just before weighing and even I was surprised. They told us they were going round. "

St. Pierre said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press to lather the publication of his book The fighting spirit"

"he said he was not sure of his exact weight, but he believes that it amounted to 170.4 pounds. The Board has therefore rounded to 170 pounds, for the official weigh in."

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