Sunday, 3 March 2013

Silva doesnt know how long hes got left he just fights one fight at a time.

Wanderlei Silva speaking at the post fight presser said.:

“Brian Stann is a tough opponent. He has a strong punch. I hit him and he hit me, and I felt out a little bit in that moment, but this is the kind of fight I like to do. He’s a strong guy, a warrior; he came to fight, no going away, no run around. He’s  there to do the job. I fight one fight at a time right now. I feel healthy, but I know sooner or later I’m gonna need to stop the job, but I’m happy for getting this feeling, this energy from my fans, make the show for my fans, make my fans happy.”

“I’m so glad the UFC gave me the opportunity for me to fight one last time in Brazil and fighting here. If UFC gives me the opportunity to come back here, I’m happy to fight in Japan again. I have the best moments of my life here and today is one more.”

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