Friday, 1 March 2013

Matt Riddle: 'The UFC hates people who smoke weed'

Riddle tells BJ Penn Radio his former employers "hate" people who smoke weed.

"It does bother me, for some reason the UFC hates people who smoke weed. The whole MMA industry for some reason hates people that smoke marijuana. I don't know why, I keep to myself for the most part. I smoke weed and I fight. Usually, I put on exciting fights or I dominate people. I always go out there and fight. It's stupid that I got fired over a plant, but other people think it's stupid that I just won't stop smoking. I quit three weeks before my fight and this is what works for me. If you were me or lived with me you'd understand. I knew it might come up one day and I thought about going to talk to a lawyer, but for now I'm just trying to figure out my next step. I'm not too worried, but at the same time I just can't sleep on it. The only good thing is the athletic commission didn't suspend me because it was a UFC administered drug test. They can't suspend me so I can fight tomorrow, but I'd fail a drug test tomorrow though so I'll wait a month or so!"

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