Monday, 11 February 2013

Rob 'c4'Sinclair Recovery Blog.

This is the Recovery Blog of Rob 'c4'Sinclair, it explains how he picked up an Achilles injury 2 months out of his title defence against Curt Warburton this is his:


A little aft 1 week but.. So.. Anyway, the recovery is going well, I had the staples out 6 days ago, it looked pretty bad with the staples in, but once they got removed which surprisingly didn't hurt, it's healing up like wolverine, So now the cast is removed and staples out this is like the next stage of the rehab, I now have a daft fucking moon boot on, but the benefits of the moon boot is i can take it off, which means I can ice it and get the swelling down, thus creating blood flow, aswell as being able to massage it without pain..

So I went to see the amazing Emma Fletcher (@efletcherpyhsio) who works out of @perform centre were I do my strength and conditioning.. She's pretty happy with it, the Thompson test which is a test of squeezing the calf muscle to move the foot, well that works perfect now.. She's happy with the scar and all the technical shit, so she's working on it, she's got my plan worked out with Dave bell,@performcentre so I'm on the mend,

I did my first workout since 12/1/13 30 days ago, I went on the grappler which is a sit down machine pulling a rope with different resistance 1 min on resistance 1, 30 secs rest all the way to resistance 8 then back down, my bmp hit 192 ( which is 5bmp more than my theoretical max) and back down to 141 in a minute and 118 in 2 mins, so I'm over the fucking moon with that.. Dave bell and Barry were really happy with my first session., I'm so happy I just got out the house and started training,. My next Physio session is Tuesday 12 feb, I'm hoping to be on the bike in 2 weeks in the @perfomcentre altitude rooms and in 3weeks swimming.. Each day is progress..

In my own self, if I'm honest my head and heart has not been into MMA to much for the last two years, just constant knock backs and training constantly put pressure on me to say, you know wot "fuck UKMMA fuck u all" And as you all probably know Iv been toying with retirement for a while, but I think this injury was suppose to happen, iv had a look at my life sat on this settee with what retirement would look and feel like... And I do not like that.. Maybe this injury was fates way of saying, get up you prick, you whooping every1s ass working part time, over trained and seriously under motivated.

Think of the potential u could hit.. Think of what you could achieve.. Sat on this settee iv done a lot of soul searching, and I will come back better than ever, more determined than ever, that is a fucking serious problem for 155er on the planet never mind UK.

I will become a success, iv got the best team in Europe IMO, with predators MMA and the genius who is Gavin Boardman, with perform centre with Dave bell to get me in physical and mental Preakness, Emma fletcher my Physio who works out perform centre who will get me back faster quicker stronger than I ever was, my nutritionist Soulmate foods who needs no introduction, real nutrition my supps company, who give me the best advice ever.

Bad boy, smuggling duds, funky gums,,uk fitness factory, and as always my number 1 sponser and amazing friend Glenn Slater, my brothers mick Sinclair and Lewis Taylor, my amazing gf Georgia my amazing daughter Pascha, mum dad, Sinclair MMA, every1 tbh there's to many t name,

Thank u every1.. Keep y'all posted fucka s

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