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MMABLOGSPOT™ exclusive with Colin 'Freakshow' Fletcher

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For you guys at home who don't know Colin heres some input Nicknamed the "Freakshow" for his entrances as a Clowns, zombies and other Kooky characters,He was Born in Sunderland in the North of England and fights out of the FightPit mma academy . "The Freakshow" is now probably best known for his recent appearence in TheUltimateFighter 'THE SMASHES' Were He entertained the millions of viewers with his antics and most of all amazing skill, that he showed to go through to the finals with fellow Brit Norman Parke.
We had the pleasure of catching up with the TUF star

Alright Pal hope you and the family had a good christmas!
We did thank you. :0)

How did you celebrate xmas this year?
Well for Christmas my wife got me a tricycle this year so I've been falling of that lots and breaking the kids toys.

Did you receive any unusual gifts?
Erm! No not really I got two barbie dolls! a tricycle three socks and a pair of extra medium Y-fronts the usual!

Did you buy the zombie gimps gifts this year?
yeah I got them some faux sheep heads to fight over for exercise

Any big plans for the new year?
my plans for the new year are the same as ever - DESTROY ALL HUMANS !

what was your time like in the TUF house?
I loved my time in the house it was cool! train, eat, wind people up, sleep, wind people up, sleep and fight .

was there many pranks you guys did that wasn't shown on tv?
A Few muhaha!

What was it like to be Coached by fellow Northerner Ross Pearson?
I've trained with Ross loads in the past so it was great to have him as a coach in the TUF smashes because he nows what I'm like and how I do things a little different to others .

Did you learn anything from the guys you trained with?
yeah I always learn different things from everyone does thing slightly different so I love to train with new guys and their where some really great guys and coaches.

We all felt for you in the final, but you showed Norman Parke a lot of respect! do you think it was too much?
My fight with Norman was awful for me I'd prepared for the fight of my life physically I felt better than ever but I made a huge mistake in not thinking about how much I liked the guy !  the second I got in the cage and looked at him my head fell of I couldn't turn on and fight hard it was the strangest feeling I've ever felt ! But I love norm and can't think of a more deserving winner. Also I learned a huge lesson about myself and if a similar situation ever arose I'd no to get myself prepared mentally as well as physically .

Do you think if you had fought anyone else it would of been a different result?
I'm 100% sure if I'd been fighting someone else it would of been a totally story I've never fought some I know before. I thought I'd deal with it better but my heads a mixed up place.

Have you heard anything from the UFC since your fight?
No not really but I'm pretty confident I'll get a chance to put things right.

If the UFC doesn't offer you a further contract will you stay at BAMMA or look to fight in the states?
Yeh of course if the UFC released me I'd continue to fight anyone anywhere any time in a fighter I was born this way I think it reflects in my normal style I'm looking to finish the fight all the time not just coast through I take chances in fights I love it !

We currently saw you at BAMMA 11 what was you take on the fights?
Yeah I always take lady Freakshow to BAMMA we enjoyed it their where a few good fights on the 11 card.

And the new BAMMA champions?
I think BAMMA have some very strong champions who would fit in comfortably to the UFC especially the lightweights.

What can we expect from "The Freakshow" in 2013?
I plan to learn my lesson from my fight with Norman I'm sometimes to soft with people in training and in life this year I'm gonna take things more seriously I've got this fair not taking things so serious so expect to see a much hungrier dangerous Freakshow !

Is there anyone you wanna thank? fans, team family etc......?
I'd like to thank my coaches nick hands, warren Oliver and Paul hubber all the guys at the fight-pit, the unity gym and Spartans my sponsors Lonsdale, machine lad & made4thecage and most important my beautiful wife and two wonderful kids and all my fans.

Thanks for the interview and we wish you all the best buddy.
No problem thank you pal happy new year.
You can see 'The Freakshow' in action against Mike ‘The Martian’ Ricci at UFC 158 March 16 in Montreal, Canada at UFC 158.

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