Friday, 11 January 2013

UFC on FUEL TV 7 – Gunnar Nelson talks Edwards

Speaking via, Nelson said:
“I do push for finishes. My thoughts toward this sport have always been the same: self-defense is number one. People ask me, ‘If it is about self-defense then why do you have to finish your opponents so early?’ That is self-defense. The more time I spend in there with him, the more time I’m giving him to figure me out and beat me. That’s always been my strategy. I’ve always been, I don’t want to say ‘aggressive,’ but when you’re in there and it is ‘go time,’ you don’t want to give anything up. In training, you give so much up because you’re playing. But in there, you push the fight more because you don’t want to leave it to the judges and you don’t want to spend more time in there than you need.”

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