Monday, 28 January 2013

Jackson told Teixeira: 'Now I'm your fan'

Glover Teixeira got some true words of encouragement following his win over Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC on FOX 6.

Teixeira said:
"He's a legend in this sport, and I feel great going in there and having that fight with him," Teixeira said. "I stood up with him, took him down, did it all. I feel great about the fight."
"I beat a guy who's been in the top 10 for how long?"

"He's an ex-champ and a tough guy. Like Dana was saying, he was training hard. He was tough. He's so tough. He can take a punch.
"But this win puts me up there. I'm ready to fight anyone."

Teixeira then went on to say Jackson's gave him this message:

"'Now I'm your fan. Go get the title,'"

Dana White followed up with:
"I honestly believe that tonight if Glover was fighting anyone else he would have knocked them out in the first round," he said after the fight. "'Rampage' got hit with that shot, and not only can he punch hard, he can take a punch."

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