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MMABLOGSPOT™ are happy to review BassBuds official sponsor of Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy

Firstly want to thank BassBuds for all there help and correspondence, we have been working along side them for the last few months, and appreciate there professionalism , you get working with them. We want to share MMABLOGSPOT™ review of BassBuds. BassBuds are the proud sponsor of British welterweight prospect Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy. Speaking to Dan about his signature series earphones he said "He didn't want to come across bias but they are awesome."

NEV's review.
When the earphones arrived i was hugely impressed by the presentation, they came in a cool box and was well displayed, once opened I noticed the quality and design of the earphones was amazing. I discovered unlike other earphones they came with 3 different styles of earbuds clear,black(memory foam) ,red all different sizes, followed out the box was a printed BassBuds carry bag to keep your earphones protected which is always very handy.

As for use my original earphones were used constant , before the BassBuds I was using Beats tour by Dre , before that soundmagic, and Klipsch which are probably 3 of the best brands on the market, so These really did have to step up to the mark, which they have done ,

First time I plugged them into my iPhone and played my first track, I received a call which i answered and was very impressed by clarity of the mic unlike standard earphones there was no distaughtment, after the call ended by the click of a button on my earphones, I got back to my playlist, The first track was Dropkick Murphy's- Shipping off to Boston, personally these earphones were created for just that song lol , it sounded amazing, flicking through Genres there wasn't a song that the BassBuds didn't play to full potential .

I personally think that if you don't like a lot of bass these aren't for you, but the name gives it away BASS-BUDS!!! but if you alter the EQ you will be impressed by the high end sounds these little guys produce the clarity is amazing and will stand Toe2Toe with the big guns, As a price comparison ,Id of payed the £40 for these all day long instead of triple the price on my Previous purchases.

My colleague Micky Dee also reviewed the 'Outlaw' edition earphones:

So I’ve had my BassBuds for a few weeks now and listened to a various amount of music from Punk to Hip-Hop to some Gangster Rap. And throughout all of the music the Bass is impeccable and makes your head bump. At first I used the in-ear buds that were already on my pair and they were comfy enough and did the job I noticed I had some memory foam buds as well so I thought I’d give those a try and it’s so comfy with them in that if you are going any type of time with in ear buds definitely invest in the memory foam ones.

Obviously you have control at the click of a button I used it with my iPhone5 and the pause play and skip functions worked perfectly

As with most modern in-ear headphones they come with mic as standard and I’ve never found talking through a mic and earphones an enjoyable experience whether it be crackly or just bad sound. But with the bass buds I had no problem talking for hours. And with clear conversation it was great. I could hear them perfectly and they also said that they couldn’t tell they were on hands free in-ear headphones.

With a massive demand for ways to listen to your music and prices and quality ranging from low to high, id definitely recommend these to anyone. At £40 with a high end sound I think the term Value for Money is more than overdue.


bass. 10/10

volume 8/10

key features. 9/10

design. 9/10

price 10/10

We want to thank all the guys at BassBuds especially Dima, a total pleasure to work with.

You can follow them on Twitter @Bassbuds
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