Sunday, 18 November 2012

"Hendricks is number 1 Welterweight contender". Says GSP

Gsp tells fans at postfight conference Hendricks is no1 contender.

"I need to see what's going to happen," he said. "I need to talk to (UFC President Dana White), and we'll see what's going to happen – the best option. I just got hit. I need some vacation before I make a decision. But of course Johny Hendricks looked very aggressive tonight, and with this victory, he probably put himself in the No. 1 spot. We'll see what's going to happen." 

Hendricks won for the fifth straight time and second time in three fights with a one-punch knockout in under a minute after stopping Jon Fitch in 12 seconds this past December. He believes the proof he's next in line is right there in his left hand. 

"I made my case," Hendricks said. "(Kampmann is) a tough fighter. I knew he was going to be, and I finished him. The only thing left is, hopefully, Georges St-Pierre." 

White said Hendricks did enough with that one punch to secure the No. 1 contender spot, which would mean he's likely to get the next crack at St-Pierre's title, even if he has to wait for St-Pierre to fight Silva. 

"He looked damn good tonight," White said. "It was a replica of the Jon Fitch fight. He even landed it in the same spot (as the Jon Fitch fight). It was impressive, so I would say yes, he is (the No. 1 contender)." 

And that's just fine with Hendricks. As he said, not too bad for a wrestler. 

"Any time, for some reason, whenever my left hand lands, it always feels solid," he said. "I don't have to hit the whole chin to lay somebody out, and that's always nice to rely on. I'm a wrestler, and I can knock people out. That's pretty sweet, huh?" 


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