Sunday, 18 November 2012

White wants Cote vs. Sakara rematch

In the first round of the final UFC 154 prelim bout in Montreal, Alessio Sakara dropped Patrick Cote with elbows. Cote hung on to a single leg, as Sakara based and countered with hammerfists. Several landed to the prohibited back of the head area.
Cote slumped semi conscious to the mat, referee Dan Miragliotta stopped it at 1:26, and appeared to signal that Sakara was the winner. The Canadian crowd booed angrily.
However, after a short commercial break, Cote was declared the winner, by disqualification.

At the post fight press con, UFC President Dana White said he wanted a rematch.
"That was a horrible, horrible job by the referee," said White. "It's mind-blowing how he could stand there and watch that many punches to the back of someone's head. It's crazy."


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