Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DrewDrew McFedries stabbed in back outside nightclub

Former UFC standout Drew McFedries received stab wounds in an altercation at the weekend. He was working as a doorman at a bar in Scott County, Iowa when a patron was ejected from the premises. Calvin Hammock, 42, walked away from the Chorus Line Nightclub on North Brady Street in Davenport just before midnight.

But he attempted to regain entry and was intercepted by McFedries. According to witnesses, McFedries went forward and got into a grappling situation with Hammock after the latter made threats to another doorman. McFedries pinned the man to the wall but didn’t realise he had a knife in his pocket. Hammock allegedly drew the knife and reached around McFedries back, inflicting stab wounds to the upper shoulder. He was then pacified by the door team before police arrived shortly afterwards to take Hammock into custody. McFedries wounds are minor and he is recuperating and expected to make a full recovery. Hammock is facing charges of ‘going armed with intent’ and ‘causing willful injury’. It seems Hammock is something of a well-known figure in Davenport.

In September he filed charges against a baby food maker for allegedly selling food contaminated with beetles. He filed the claim for $20,000 after the product recall was advertised on television, claiming it had made his daughter sick some days previous to the report. Hammock also has a lawsuit pending against the local police force after claiming he was “molested in a sexual manner” when arrested and taken to a station for search. Police say no such thing happened and that Hammock was searched in the normal manner. He is seeking substantial damages. McFedries was once a top MMA talent who was considered a possible champion in waiting.

A prodigious jiu jitsu player, he had top-tier skills but a poor work ethic and that led to mixed results in the UFC. His form also wasn’t helped by a problem with alcohol which, by 2008, had become chronic. Having been bumped from the UFC, McFedries plied his trade around the various promotions of North America, including a run with Canadian outfit MFC. But he has never been able to recapture his early form, bar a resurgence in 2010, and it looks like he never will.


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