Thursday, 22 November 2012

Duane Ludwig 'BANGs' road to recovery 3

This is the 3rd blog of Duanes road to recovery, speaking to 'Bang' we got a full update of his week including his new Physio Therapy:

This week I've had one physical therapy session which was great to get the brace off and move the leg a little bit. The Physio place has set degree markers for my knee. Meaning I need to be able to have my knee bend at 90degrees and also get my knee to extend to the point of 0 degree. After the first session back, I seen the bill which was $720per hour but the UFC pays for all of it but i still don't think that's right.

My new PT guy Eric charges a quarter of that amount. Eric is awesome, his approach seems a lot more knowledgeable for athletes in mind. It was great to have him actually take the time and explain exactly what my injuries are/were. Little diagrams and coloured charts, I felt like I was in school.

Both my lateral and medial meniscus were torn in the back area of the knee. Both of which were pretty severe and potentially career ending. Which is why I'm not allowed to put weight on it. 24/7 crutches Baby! Right now I'm scheduled for Physio once a week. I've been told to use Heat, massage, M.A.T, then flexion and ice as a set routine. All in all, from the date of injury it will be about 1year till i step in the cage at a guess. But it isLong time to go without an income, so I'm gonna have to switch gears and make some money.

                                                                                                                 pic of medial meniscus

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