Friday, 9 August 2013

Conor McGregor "not another UFC schmuck"

He broke it down on his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"
"The opponent does not come into the equation. This is my spot. The Irish are coming home era. Coming to Boston. The Irishmen are coming home to their native land, Boston, United States. The opponent does not come into the equation. I am the main event. If you stick me in the main event, I'm going to steal the show every time."
After a night out in Vegas with President of the UFC Dana White 'Notorious' took the time out to
explain that fame doesn't go to his head, nor does he become comfortable and/or complacent, which leads to laziness and sloppiness.
He explains:
"I don't get comfortable, I don't get complacent. I went out for dinner with the Don (Dana White), we went out for a meal, and I was saying to him, just because we're here now and going for meals and shit, don't think I'm going to be getting comfortable, don't think I'm going to do what a lot of these schmucks have done. They got lazy, they got sloppy and sluggish. Come fight time they show up and they're out of shape, their shots are off. Me, I don't get complacent, if anything, these kinds of things, and all this going on spoils me to work harder. I use this as motivation."

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