Saturday, 8 June 2013

Markes vs. Brunson Pulled From Card due to car crash

Markes Manager Andre Pederneiras described the situation in an email
“We were in the process of cutting weight with Ronny since 6 a.m.,” Pederneiras said. “There was a little over a kilogram to go. We went to a motel to lose the weight because the bathtub at our hotel did not heat up, and last night the hotel sauna closed at 10 p.m.. At the first motel we visited, the water did not heat either, but Guilherme Santos, who’s assisting in Caio Magalhaes’ weight cut, let us know about another place they visited which did have hot water. 

 “We drove off in our rental car and, at a curve, another car cut off a truck and I ended (up) rear-ending them. Ronny, who was already weak from the weight loss, struck his head and was projected forward, being knocked out for a few seconds. It’s a pity – I had never had been in a crash before.”

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