Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Anthony Pettis : “I’m stuck on the back of the bus again"

Speaking via MMAFighting.com, Pettis said:

“I’m stuck on the back of the bus again in two weight classes. I did everything under my power to make it happen, the UFC is looking out for what’s best for my health, I can’t knock them for looking out for my health. I can’t believe it happened, man. I missed another title shot that slipped out of my fingers. I felt fine, I’m a couple weeks out from the fight, probably the best I’ve ever felt I felt invincible in training, I was so on point. For this to happen, it’s unfortunate. I couldn’t sleep the last couple days thinking about what was going to happen.”

“My doctor’s exact words were, come Aug. 3, you’re going to be sitting at home at 100 percent, and I’m like, ‘damn, I could have made this fight.’ I mean, you know, I’m freaking out, I’m trying to figure out a way to fix this and looking at all possibilities, so you can’t knock me for trying, you know? It’s in my hometown. TJ Grant earned his shot I’m not going to say I should be fighting and T.J. Grant didn’t earn his shot. T.J. Grant earned his shot an he’s there for a reason, I don’t want the fans to think I’m trying to take his position or anything like that, but at the same time, you can’t knock me for trying. I want a title shot so bad.”

“The only person I want to fight at ‘45 is Jose Aldo. The fans want to say what they want to say, he’s faking an injury and all that. Man, I want that fight so bad, I was more excited than anybody for that fight. I felt I have what it takes to be Jose Aldo. That’s the fight I want. I’m not going to drop the extra weight and do that to my body for a No. 1 contenders fight or anything like that. I’m the last guy to beat Ben Henderson, no matter what. My name never gets brought up out of his mouth for some reason. I’m not going to say he’s ducking me, but for some reason, when it comes to fighting Pettis, he’s all against it.”

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