Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cote signs new 4 fight UFC deal, also eyes TUF gig.

Patrick (The Predator) Cote has signed a new four-fight deal with the UFC,the 33-yr old has never lost under the ZUFFA banner the signing has perhaps put him in position for a role as coach of
The Ultimate Fighter: Canada vs. Australia. he told Bleacher Report:

“I’m ready for that. I really hope they are thinking of me. I have no idea what they are thinking about.  I just signed a four-fight deal with the UFC.  We’ve talked about my next fight, but nothing is signed, nothing has been decided.  They just announced the TUF Canada vs. Australia and everybody has gone crazy on Twitter trying to help me become the coach of Team Canada.  I appreciate the support from everybody, maybe it’s going to help.”

“If they ask me to do it for sure, I’ll say yes.  It would be a big honor for me,” Cote said. “I have the experience as a contestant, and to be there as a coach and to represent my country, I think it would be nice for everybody there.  I’m pretty well known in Quebec with the French television broadcasts I’ve been doing.”

“I would go there to help those guys. I would not go there for my personal exposure.  I want to help and share what I know with those guys.  I did my first fight like 10 years ago.  So maybe I’m not the best in every aspect, but I’m good in all areas and I think I could help those guys learn.”

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