Monday, 8 April 2013

Johny Hendricks explains injured hand.

Number one welterweight contender Johny 'Big Rigg' Hendricks recently told MMAWeekly he had a hand injury sustained in th Condit fight back at UFC 158, but is now back in the gm reparing for GSP:
“I injured it on the cage with the last takedown of the first period. I dislocated a couple fingers and when I was walking back I couldn’t squeeze. So what happened was, whenever I hit Carlos in the second period I popped them back in. And I don’t know how much you know about popping fingers back in, but it feels like you might break your hand, so I didn’t think about that. I was thinking, oh crap, I might have hurt my hand.”

“Once I popped the fingers back into place, it was sore about three days. It just scared me at that point, and when they were cutting off my gloves, it hurt as well. So those are always scary things. Here’s the thing, what if GSP wanted to turn around and do another four-month fight? If that would have happened, I would have had to train a little bit with a broken hand for the fight. So that was my main concern, to make sure my body is healed and nothing is really wrong with it, and move on from there.”

“I’m just going to work on things that I could have done better (in the Condit fight). I’m actually going to lift during this camp, during this off-season. Last off-season I didn’t, so I’m actually going to start lifting again, trying to get up a little more power for this next fight.”

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