Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Nogueira, ‘Shogun’ verbally agree to fight in June

"The UFC organization contacted us and asked if there was interest on the part of Shogun fight on June 15 against the Minotouro. Answer Yes, and they did the same with the other party involved in the fight. With the positive response from them, we have a verbal agreement for the fight to happen on that day, but nothing signed yet, "

revealed Leonardo Solomon, Manager of Shogun, in an exclusive interview to the MAT. Depending on the contract signing, Leonardo already celebrates the fact Shogun back to Canada. The last time it went into action in the country, the Curitiba native beat Lyoto Machida and won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship:

"the Shogun is very idol in Canada. I believe that, over there, it just stay below the Georges St-Pierre. He has a very large charisma with Canadian fans, and it would be great to a new fight it over there ".


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