Monday, 18 February 2013

White: Nick Diaz has 'no-showed' 3 tapings of countdown show

"Nick Diaz would be an interesting Countdown show if we could get him to show up for those," a livid White said when a reporter brought up the idea of a Diaz video blog.

"Imagine how good his Countdown show would be. Fucking think his video blog would be great? How about if he had a professionally shot, by professionals, the best in the business, the best at cutting and producing features on athletes, imagine how fucking good that would be. First we've got to get him to show up for the fucking interviews, and then we can do it. He missed, how many did he miss? Four? Three. He's missed three." "We've had a crew in Stockton for two weeks,"

White explained. "When we don't do an interview, you know much that costs us? A shitload on money. Okay? So we've got a fucking crew rolling around Stockton not doing a fucking thing. It costs us a lot of money and we can't properly sell the fight or Nick Diaz."


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