Monday, 28 January 2013

Sponsor Says Breached Agreement, Not Rick Hawn’s Performance

HTFU founder Mark Gingrich who launched his lifestyle apparel brand in 2009, recently told that he received a multitude of verbal and physical threats after news broke on Tuesday that he had put a stop payment on a sponsorship check issued to Rick Hawn for his appearance at Bellator 85.

After Hawn submitted to a second-round rear-naked choke, Gingrich said he left the arena and typed an email to Russell the following day, the penultimate graph of which was posted by Hawn Monday night on Twitter. Gingrich recently forwarded that email to, now reprinted in its entirety:

“Mike, can you tell me why one of his corners wasn't wearing a shirt and why none of his corners were wearing the hat?

“This was part of the agreement which Rick and his camp did not fulfill. With regards to everything I have done: I sent Rick a couple thousand dollars worth of clothes (FedEx overnight cost $200). I bought a ticket out to support his fight and paid for hotels, rental cars. I made a shirt which cost me almost $1000 to make. I had to shut down a printer to do it and take away resources to fulfill the order.

“I arrived in Irvine on Wednesday to his camp. I shook Rick's hand, and that was about it for a relationship. Rick and his camp advised me to meet up with him later after the weigh-in. I waited for a couple hours with my girlfriend, rearranged plans and never saw Rick come down to say hello. I had to find him eating in another room with his friends. In fact, his girlfriend was more accommodating and sincere than Rick.

“I will not comment on Rick and his fight. That is not my place. But what I will tell you is this: I took a huge chance with him. TV exposure was great…but it only holds weight if he wins or puts on a good show. Neither happened. At the end of the day…not one sole (sic) will run to the HTFU store and buy product because they saw Rick walk out in my shirt and loose (sic) the fight. I've made it my career and business to know what nets a return on investment for the brand…and this is the No. 1 reason why I DO NOT hand out money or product to fighters.

“With regards to the check I sent Rick: At this point, a stop payment has been placed on the check which cannot be cashed or deposited now.”


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