Friday, 21 December 2012

Dana White: Talks TUF 17

UFC President Dana White talked about the next edition of The Ultimate Fighter:

"The chemistry between those two is actually really weird," said White. "It starts off bad, gets a little better, then it gets weird again. You know, Chael likes to play the bad guy."
"I told you guys, last season of The Ultimate Fighter was the worst season in the history of TUF. This next season is so awesome and so badass. We have a guy on this season of The Ultimate Fighter, every fight he's in, someone goes to the hospital."

"The whole house is terrified of this guy. Fucking terrified. Everybody. I picked this fight, and this guy is lined up with the guy I'm telling you about, and the guy has a nervous breakdown in the house over the weekend. Has a fucking nervous breakdown. Freaks out and has a nervous breakdown. This guy scared the living shit out of everyone. It's awesome."

"Fridays suck. I think it's the worst night on TV. It's supposed to be the second-worst night on TV. Saturday's supposed to be the worst. But, for instance, The Ultimate Fighter Finale on Friday, the one from Australia, did a million. Saturday did 1.3 million. The male 18-34 demos were off the charts on Saturday night. I honestly think Friday night is the worst night on TV. ... You have people getting off work. No one gets off work on Friday and runs home and watches TV. You get off work on Friday, you're going out, no one's watching TV."

"Everyone was taking about the death of TUF on Friday nights. Not for FX it wasn't. For us it was. It was terrible for us. But for them, they were top three all season in males 18-34 on a night when they'd be running a movie that would be hit or miss for them in different demos. So, believe me, they wanted to keep us on Fridays. They made me a promise that if the thing didn't pick up and the numbers didn't pick up, they'd move it. They stuck by their word. But the numbers on Fridays, they wanted us to stay there."

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