Saturday, 11 May 2013

OMMAC Becomes Fifth Promotion To Join Safe MMA

Next month, OMMAC is set to become the 5th promotion to register with UK voluntary medical regulatory body, Safe MMA, in the run up to its September 7th event at the Liverpool Olympia. The promotion’s breaking news deal with LOADED TV, which extends to the end of 2013, will see OMMAC 18 present Safe MMA to an extended television audience.

OMMAC promoter Chris Zorba commented:
“I have been in support of Safe MMA from its initiation. However, I wanted to see some of the obvious teething problems solved before joining. The sport needs medical regulation to see it expand in the UK and for it to be recognised as a mainstream sport, but more paramount is the safety of fighters.
“OMMAC is one of the top four UK organisations and I believe SAFE MMA membership will be positive for all the fighters who compete on the show. I have always taken pride in employing the best referees, doctors and medics on OMMAC shows anyway, like Marc Goddard, Leon Roberts and Doctor Mark Banks who all work for the UFC.
“I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling early for my September 7th show and having my own input into Safe MMA with my vast experience of combat sports.”
Zorba will be working to make the registration process as smooth as possible for his fight roster, “organising medical and blood testing days for all the Northwest fighters to come down on an appointment basis to Liverpool Olympia. This will not only reduce the cost for the fighter but also make it a lot easier for them if the service is readily accessible and laid on for them.”
For more information about OMMAC go to or follow @OMMAC on Twitter
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OMMAC Television Broadcast Information
OMMAC 17 is to be broadcast on LOADED TV sky channel 200 on Friday 7th June at 21.00 hrs with a 2 and half hour show.
OMMAC will be broadcasting on LOADED TV for the rest of 2013 which includes four events starting with the forthcoming OMMAC 17 HIGH OCTANE which takes place on June 1st at the prestigious Liverpool Olympia.
LOADED TV is free to all Sky customers on CH 200

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