Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Josh Thompson eyes a title shot if he beats Nate Diaz.

Former Strikeforce lightweight champion talks to Bleacher Report, about a title shot if he beats Nate Diaz this weekend.:

“I’m not content with just ‘I’m on the main card in the UFC on Fox.’  I’m not settling for that. I feel like with a big win here, I’m looking forward to being the person who gets the next title shot.  I’m looking at the bigger picture. The big picture is to get this win and to basically settle a lot of those minds because there was a lot of controversy about me and Gil in our last fight and that should be me fighting Benson (Henderson). So with a big win here, I think that puts me right in the position where I want to be to get my next title shot.”

“Honestly, I would have seen had I fought Nate and get a win maybe they’d put me against (Anthony) Pettis before the title shot, but now Pettis is dropping to 145.  There really is no one. Not only that, but like Gray (Maynard) would be the next one, but Gray has just fought twice for the title against Frankie (Edgar). I really could be wrong. They could throw him right back in there especially with a big win over T.J. Grant.  But I’m really just putting myself in the best position that fits me and my career and that’s getting a big win and leaving it up to them on hopefully putting me in for the next title shot. That would be the best situation possible.”

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