Saturday, 26 January 2013

Philippou calls out Michael Bisping

Speaking to BJPenn dot com, Constantinos Philippou said:

"I know the UFC doesn’t usually like matching up someone coming off a loss with somebody coming off of a win. In this case it’s a big difference because Bisping is Bisping and he’s been around forever. The guy has fought a who’s who of MMA, I think it works out well for both of us. He gets to fight in his hometown against somebody who is in the Top 5 or Top 10 who has five wins in a row. If he beats me he’ll be right in the mix again and if I beat him I’m right up there too. I think it’s something for him to think about. The guy is a striker who is willing to strike and I’m willing to strike, it’ll make for an exciting fight. If I was him I would take the fight.”

“Being that it would be in his hometown, they wouldn’t have to try and sell the fight. The arena would be sold out in no time, all the tickets would be sold immediately. Bisping is a national hero over there and I wouldn’t mind beating him in his hometown.”

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