Saturday, 5 January 2013

Invicta 4 weigh in results

Invicat FC 4 weigh ins
Friday, Jan. 4
Aladdin Holiday Inn
Kansas City, Kansas

Carla “Cookie Monster” Esparza (114.8) vs “Rowdy” Bec Hyatt (115.0)*
Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler (134.8) vs Alexis Davis (135.8)
Leslie “The Peacemaker” Smith (135.8) vs Raquel “Rocky” Pennington (134.8)
Amanda “Lioness of the Ring” Nunes (135.8) vs Sarah “The Monster” D’Alelio (135.8)
Hiroko Yamanaka (145.5) vs Ediane Gomes (143.2)
Livia von Plettenberg (116.0) vs Joanne Calderwood (116.0)
Stephanie Frausto (105.0) vs Cassie Rodish (105.8)
Tamikka Brents (145.0) vs Amanda Bell (145.0)
Jodie Esquibel (104.2) vs Liz McCarthy (104.2)
Emily Kagan (115.6) Rose Namajunas (114.6)
Paige Van Zan t(114.8) vs Tecia Torres (115.6)
Veronica Rothenhausler (146.5)** vs Katalina Malungahu (145.8)
Laura Marcusse-Sanko (105.6) vs Cassie “The Hulk” Robb (105.6)

*Hyatt's weight was initially reported at 115.6, but commentator Julie Kedzie explained via Twitter that the scale was misread and Hyatt was 15 even.
**Rothenhausler will have 2 hours to make weight.

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