Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bangs road to recovery 4

This is the 4th blog of Duane's road to recovery,Its been a long hard grind since Sept 29th, but things are looking positive for 'Bang' . We spoke to the man himself this week and we got a full update of his surgery and future as head coach at team Alpha Male:
This Wednesday Dec 19 I'll have my ACL surgery. The replacement part/graft will be my patella tendon bone graft. With my current situation, being out for at least a year, I decided to accept Urijah Faber's offer as head coach of team Alpha Male.which is Good timing , and I'm loving the situation of being handed a parking lot full of high performance cars. This is a Great opportunity to work with such a high level team. It is amazing to be offered this position but I won't be coy about it as I do believe they did choose a good guy for the job , and yes it is flattering lol, Once I get through this second surgery, the family and I will be moving to Sacramento ,California and making the most of the great time of our lives , and starting a new chapter.This is gonna be Exciting for sure and Sacramento is a beautiful city and the whole team are great guys. Perfect fit and it's going to be great. As for the surgery, I should be "kind of walking" with in one week but I won't be 100% for 6-9 months. Good timing for the job offer, All in all, things have and will work out  for myself and the Family.
We wish the Ludwig family all the best for the Holidays & there future in 2013.
You can follow Duane's progress by following his Twitter: @DUANEBANGCOM

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