Friday, 9 November 2012

MMABLOGSPOT Exclusive interview with WSOF president Ray Sefo

MMABLOGSPOT was lucky enough to catch up with World Series Of Fighting president "Sugar" Ray Sefo , the organisation opened its doors for the first time November 3rd 2012, the card held some big names in mma such as Andrei Arlovski, Anthony Johnson, Miguel Torres, Tyrone Spong, Josh Burkman just to mention a few household names.

We just want to Thank Ray for taking the time out to do these questions so soon after the organisations first big event, well what can we say it definitely started off with a bang, a big bang ! Coming from the hands of Rumble Johnson, said to be the most brutal KO this year.

WSOF just seemed to happen overnight but it is gonna be talked about for a lot longer, well at-least till there next event.

Firstly We want to congratulate you on a great 1st event , how does it feel?

Thank you Nev !! The feeling is that we're very happy with the out come of the night, great fights, we had ko's, we had submissions, we had fights go the distant and we had some controversial decisions so all and all everything went well thank you.

For the fans of mma would you like to tell them how WSOF was formed!

2 years ago I was doing an interview with TapOut Radio and after that interview I thought to myself I was going to call a good friend of mine and talk to him about starting a fight league, unbeknownst to me he was thinking the same thing... The interview happened on a Friday evening and at 8am Saturday morning I get a phone call from my buddy asking me what I was doing and I told him that I was heading to Strength and Conditioning training he then asked me what I was doing after that and I said I'm having breakfast with you.

So I turned up to meet him for breakfast and I said hey bro what's up and he says I've been think for the last few weeks to talk to you about starting a fight league and in shock I was like WHAT that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, and that was the start of World Series O f Fighting.... 

 Signing with a big network like NBC is that going to help the future of WSOF?

Yes absolutely we were very happy that we were able to have our first event on National Television with NBC SPORTS Network couldn't ask for a better start.

On your first card we saw some big names in the mma sport, are we going to keep seeing these on your card?

Yes that's for sure we will have the big names as well as some of our own young talent.

Is there any fighters you would like to add to your Roster?

Who ever is good and wants to be champion we will take.

On Nov 3rd we saw one of this years best main events 3 outta 4 fights with awesome ko finishes , do you think this was a eye opener to fans?

Yes I think the fans loved it I know I did, the fans now know that WSOF is going to put on great fights as we move forward.

 Was there any fights that disappointed you on the night?

No not at all as all the fighters came to fight.

You spoke of holding 8-10 events a year , you think the Organisation can do that?

Yes absolutely.

Could you see yourselves doing an event in the UK?

Yes deffo I see WSOF going global.

Would you be interested in doing Bellator style tournaments?

 We will be doing tournaments but it might not happen in the next 3 to 4 events.

At what point will you be introducing title fights?

The team and I have discuss this issue and it looks like maybe by the 3rd event.

Is there any match-ups or news you would like to announce?

Well for starters Marlon Moraes will be fighting Tyson Nam in the next WSOF event. Which will be awesome.

Finally is there anyone you want to thank ?

First of all I wanna thank my Heavenly Father, then I wanna thank the fans, I wanna thank my team at WSOF, and of course I wanna thank the fighters for turning up ready to throw down, I also wanna thank the media for all the love and support.

We wish WSOF all the best and cant wait to see it grow .
Thanks Ray

 Thank you Nev.
You can follow the WSOF on twitter @MMAWorldSeries 

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