Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Losing to Junior dos Santos: “It’s been eating at me for a while”

Speaking via MMAFighting, Velasquez said:
“It’s been eating at me for a while. [The loss] definitely did happen, and it hurt. It sucked. I’ve been waiting for a while to get revenge back. You definitely improve with the (longer) layoff. The most important thing is you’re able to take your time to come back into training. When you rush it and everything else when you have a fight coming up, that’s when you get injured. You’re just piling on too much in the beginning, when it needs to be (little) steps going into your training camp.”

“It’s just so easy to get hurt in this sport. Whether it be cuts, your joints, bones, everything can mess up at any given time. The way that we train is just so much like a real fight. You definitely don’t know (who’s going to be on the card until fight night). Because guys, we’re going to just be in the gym training our butts off, and that’s it. We don’t worry about getting hurt in the gym. We just don’t. We go in, and we just try to get the best workout we can, compete against our teammates, because that’s what we’re doing. We’re always trying to be the best even inside the gym. It’s just so easy to get hurt.”
“What people are saying online doesn’t mean anything. You don’t listen to it. You just focus on what you have to do. I don’t ever think about the pressure. I know what I need to do, and I’m about to do it. That’s it.”

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