Monday, 26 November 2012

Hendricks: My jiu-jitsu is better than my hands

“That’s why I laugh when people say ‘we’ve figured out your left hand.’ My boxing isn’t my strong point. It’s something I’ve only been doing for five years; I’ve only been striking for five years. I’ve done wrestling my whole entire life,” Hendricks told MMAWeekly Radio. “So if anybody’s going to say anything, wrestling is my strong point. I feel my jiu-jitsu is better than my hands.”

  Wrestling is a weapon that St-Pierre has established very well over the last several years, but former NCAA champion Hendricks isn’t backing down from a grappling match with the Canadian icon. “I can only get better. Look at how much better I got in just three months of being able to focus on training.

 I’m still developing as a fighter; I’ve only had 14 fights in my career. I think once I hit 20 fights that’s where I’m going to be at my peak,” said Hendricks. “Always improving, that’s the No. 1 goal of mine.”


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